Clear view and aesthetic harmony

Clear view and aesthetic harmony

Everything here works together to produce a pleasant (home) atmosphere. The colours and shapes, for instance, are coordinated down to their finest details. The view over the ocean and the surrounding nature is breath-taking, and BORA Basic lets you enjoy them even when cooking.

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Carlos Galarraga

Live above, sleep below

With only 10,000 inhabitants, the Catalan community of Alella in the province of Barcelona may be on the smaller side, but its location is truly something to behold. It’s surrounded by forested hills which overlook the ocean. Being built on a hill above the village, the owners of this house get to enjoy this view, too.

It fits right into its impressive surroundings but is eye-catching at the same time. Consisting of two structures stacked on top of one another, its exterior shape is a product of the functionality of its rooms. The kitchen, living and dining areas and access to the huge terrace can be found on the upper floor, while the office and bedrooms are housed in the lower structure.

Largewindow fronts allow plenty of natural light into the interior and create a welcoming atmosphere. It was important to the owners that all the rooms be oriented towards the sea, as they wanted to take full advantage of the stunning view that’s captured by the property’s hillside location. This, along with the large windows, ensures every room benefits from the vista over the sea and mountains.

A place of relaxation and harmony

The kitchen planners of Artio Studio were faced with the task of making the kitchen along with the living and dining areas a place of refuge where the owners could escape from their hectic lives and relax. To achieve this, they decided on neutral colours and natural materials.

Wood plays an important part in the furnishings, as it makes a space cosy. This is why the round dining table, chairs and select kitchen cabinet fronts for example are made of wood. It’s complemented by the colour white, which otherwise pervades the interior. The white porcelain worktop, for instance, is a timeless, elegant choice and would be right at home in any kitchen.

To achieve aesthetic harmony, decorative elements were kept to a minimum and kitchen devices were, where possible, installed such that they wouldn’t disturb the visual character of the room. Thanks to its minimalist design, BORA Basic also integrates perfectly into the overall harmony of the kitchen.

Inviting minimalism, perfectly positioned

Even the voice-controlled lighting was carefully selected to promote comfort and well-being. Many of the items used – such as the black, semi-circle lamp above the dining table – are echoed in some way, for instance by the shape and colour of the barstools. This continuity can also be experienced in the transition between the interior and exterior, as the kitchen island was extended to allow you to cook outside when the weather’s nice.

In the middle of the room stands a custom-made sofa that allows you to connect with your surroundings and the people in the room to communicate, no matter where they currently are. Part of the sofa is oriented to face into the room, while the other faces out towards sea – with such an impressive view, it couldn’t be any other way. The perfect way to enjoy the scenery. And it’s partly in thanks to BORA Basic.


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