The Revolution continues


The symbiosis of innovation, aesthetics and effectiveness

The new BORA Professional was developed on the premise of combining simplicity, functionality and optimum performance in a single, electronically controlled system. The heart of the Revolution 2.0 is the user interface which allows the cooktops and the cooktop extractor to communicate with one another. This enables us to achieve optimum user friendliness and outstanding effectiveness. Everything is made possible by an intelligent control knob: from power control to the various function programmes to the temperature indicator.

BORA Professional cooktops offer maximum net cooking surface area thanks to knob operation and can now even be installed as a system in floating worktops.Fascinating style, minimalist design with carefully selected materials and efficient functionality – the new BORA Professional gas cooktop has been re-developed and set deeper for perfect performance. This ensures a perfect extraction system even when cooking with gas.

Characteristics Revolution 2.0

Revolution 2.0 with system

BORA Professional is a single system comprising not only cooktops but also a cooktop extractor, duct, filter, motor and wall sleeve. A complete system from BORA. Whether a recirculation or exhaust air version is down to customer preference and where the system is installed. The new Professional can be planned as a ‘plug and play’ compact system or completely freely – meaning that BORA offers maximum freedom for all requirements and the first freely combinable system for floating worktops. This is again part of what we refer to as Revolution 2.0.

Details of Revolution 2.0

BORA Professional is a system solution that offers uncompromising quality in every last detail. The innovative EC motor technology enables class A++ energy efficiency.

  • The motor and cooktop extractor come as a compact unit for floating worktops
  • Minimum installation height of 199 mm for compact systems enables the greatest design freedom
  • Electrically controlled extraction flap on the cooktop
  • Largest selection of powerful cooktops with an impressive depth of 54 cm and 20% more net cooking surface area than conventional cooktops
  • Deeper-set gas cooktops with the highest efficiency even when operated with gas
  • Intelligent control knob with integrated function programmes
  • Cooktop and cooktop extractor communicate with one another for optimum performance
  • Maximum net cooking surface area thanks to knob operation
  • Simple cleaning thanks to the wide extraction opening and easily removable filter and tray
  • Optimum grease particle capture rate and 100% functional guarantee on the complete BORA system

7 advantages for every kitchen

Design freedom
With a minimum installation height of just 199 mm, there is more freedom for ambitious kitchen design.

Simple cleaning
The filter tank and grease filter can be simply and separately removed. The built-in handles make this even easier.

Clear view
No stopped stance. No annoying steam in the way. No restriction on visibility. Revolution 2.0 means freedom from constraints of conventional extractor hoods.

Fresh air
The flow-optimised duct system has allowed the outstanding draw-off performance of the BORA Professional to be improved still further. The intelligent control knob communicates between the cooktop and the extractor.

Quiet operation
BORA has excellent sound insulation to make it impressively quieter than conventional extractor hoods.

BORA cooktop extractors are a smart, highly effective solution. 100% Cleanrate at head height, energy efficiency A++ (BORA Professional Flexible) and an improved grease filtering level are what sets Revolution 2.0 apart.

Best materials
Stainless steel on all visible surfaces ensures high levels of functionality and durability.



Revolution 2.0 effect


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* You can find the registry code on the sticker on your cooktop extractor or the back cover of your operating instructions.