BORA Principle

BORA Principle

Or – physics can be so elegant.


We nip cooking vapours and odours in the bud by drawing them off where they arise: directly at the cooktop, from the saucepan, roaster, frying pan or grill. And we do this not by magic, but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour.




BORA Advantages

Fresh Air

The advantage of fresh air: cooking while surrounded by fresh air

The further cooking vapours travel before they are drawn off, the more odour and grease particles are distributed in the room, settling on furniture and penetrating textiles.

The result: you and your guests get to enjoy your fried, boiled or stewed dishes for days to come.
BORA puts an end to all that. Grease particles released during cooking are no longer allowed to spread throughout the room, but are instead trapped in the stainless steel grease filter. The result: it is like cooking in the fresh air. After cooking, simply close the cover and the odours remain in the filter.

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Clear View

The advantage of a clear view: no annoying head-height extractor hoods

BORA frees you from the constraints of conventional extractor hoods. No edges and corners at head height for you to bang your head on. No need to stoop while you cook. No vapours swirling around the kitchen – or condensing on your glasses. A clear field of view. This is of particular advantage in open plan kitchens. Thanks to BORA, cooks are no longer trapped on their own but can now interact with guests.

Freedom in Planning

The advantage of planning freedom: setting the standard in new kitchen architecture

Besides the many technical advantages that you enjoy with BORA, it is above all the completely new possibilities for kitchen planning that BORA really knows how to impress with. You can do practically anything that you have ever wanted to: cook in front of a window or under the eaves, have a kitchen island without a bulky hood and more space for hanging cabinets in smaller kitchens and enjoy seamless minimalism... all because of the space gained by doing away with an extractor hood. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you still have lots of space in the floor units. This makes BORA the benchmark in new kitchen aesthetics.


Peace advantage: significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods

Noise means stress. Unfortunately, in many situations in life, this is something we cannot avoid. So why on earth should we put up with a noisy extractor hood while we are cooking if we don't need to? After all, extractor hoods have a sound level of over 70 dB (A) at head height. Definitely too much noise and too much stress.
Even at the highest level, BORA still creates less noise than a steak that is being grilled. This is possible due to sophisticated technology with low-noise motors, which are located behind the kitchen plinth rather than at head height. Perfect sound attenuation further reduces noise to make your cooking adventures a pleasure. With an integrated sound absorber, the resulting sound is muffled even further.


The advantage of effectiveness: a focus on the bare essentials

Conventional extractor hoods work extremely hard for a comparatively limited result. Vapours and odours have to travel long distances before they are intercepted. Even then, it is not usually possible for all of the vapours to be suctioned away – more than half of them escape.
BORA cooktop extractors are a smart and highly effective solution. The best evidence of this is the head-height Cleanrate of 100 %. This is made possible by the intelligent use of the flow speed and innovative motor technology, which suction away the vapour at the precise point where it is created – without any detours or unnecessarily large volumes of air. And there is even a pleasant side effect: BORA also enables you to save energy.

Easy to clean

Easy cleaning advantage: why make things difficult when there is an easy option?

Cleaning extractor hoods is a problem in itself: complicated, time-consuming, often requiring the use of tools and producing doubtful results. And this is true not only when cleaning the inside of the hood, but also the large external surfaces.
BORA is different. Our innovative products not only provide real pleasure and quality of life while cooking, but are also extremely useful on a daily basis and easy to clean and maintain. All three moving parts can be dismantled quickly and easily by hand, without the use of tools. Then you just put the parts in the dishwasher – done.

Best Materials

The advantage of using the best materials: high functionality and long service life

Only the best is good enough for us when it comes to the quality of our products. High-quality materials which ensure a high degree of functionality and a long service life are united in a premium system with no compromises. Every metallic part of BORA cooktop extractors is made of pure stainless steel. Our HiLight and induction cooktops are made of glass ceramic material, which is free of heavy metals.
We promise that cooking with BORA will offer long-lasting delight.

100% Cleanrate

100% cleanrate for BORA

Until now, the performance of extractor hoods has been evaluated by DIN EN 61591. This measures the fan performance, reduction in odour, and grease extraction. Moreover, by determining the MEK value (proportion of methyl ethyl ketone in the ambient air), it is possible to measure the extraction of cooking particles from the room.

In order to be able to compare the performance of different vapour extraction systems with one another in an objective manner, the cleanrate method was developed.

 Using an effective extraction system is like cooking in the fresh air – achieving a cleanrate of 100%. Measurements using the cleanrate method show that BORA has a cleanrate of 100% – a rate that conventional extractor hoods can only dream about.

Watch the Cleanrate Movies here.