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BORA 5|5 Live Cooking

Experience BORA and its advantages live near you. A product experience in a small circle with a simple success concept awaits you: at our BORA partner’s showroom a menu will be prepared on the BORA systems right before your eyes. You can take this opportunity to ask all of your questions. Simply sign up for BORA 5|5 Live Cooking and be inspired.


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14:00 h - 18:00 h


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+44 191 2860514

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Unit 4 c, Airport Industrial Estate, Kingston Park
NE3 2EF Newcastle upon Tyne, GB

BORA product experience registration

Please register now for the BORA product experience. You will receive directly a confirmation for your registration. Your datas will be used exclusively for the event organisation regarding the event you choose and the belonging feedback. Therefore it´s necessary to forward the below datas to our BORA partner. Our partner could inform you about necessary informations concerning the BORA product experience, for example costs, safety meassures or organisational matters. After the feedback request to the BORA product experience, we delete your datas.

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