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General questions about BORA

Steam and odours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. However, the BORA cooktop extractor powerfully draws these off in a downward direction at approx. four metres per second. The resultant cross flow ensures that any cooking vapours and odours are effectively and immediately suctioned away at the cooktop. 

BORA Professional cooktops have an ultra-deep depth of 540 mm and a width of 370 mm. They are controlled via solid stainless steel knobs on the front cover. The BORA Professional system can be modularly constructed using a broad range of ventilation components and is therefore extremely flexible.

The cooktops in the BORA Classic series have dimensions of 515 x 340 mm and are directly controlled on the cooktop using touch operation. The BORA Classic cooktop extractor system is a complete, pre-defined system: from the cooktop extractor through the pipes with an integrated silencer to the plinth fan, all components already come included.

BORA Basic is a compact unit with a size of 515 x 760 mm or 515 x 830 mm in the case of BORA Basic with surface induction (BFI), comprising a large cooktop with four cooking zones and a centrally positioned extractor. BORA Basic is also controlled using an intuitive touch panel on the cooktop itself. The new BORA Basic BFI has an innovative, new operating concept of a touch-operated round slider.
Click to view all BORA Basic products.

Up to 250 ml of liquid can collect in the cooktop extractor and be washed away without issue. If more liquid than this gets into the cooktop extractor, this cannot damage the electronics as the air flow does not pass through the electronics.

With BORA Basic models, larger volumes of up to 3 litres of liquid can be caught. The floor cover can be removed for simple cleaning.

Items that fall into the cooktop extractor land in the collection tray and can simply be removed again by taking this out. The stainless steel grease filter prevents items from being drawn into the air flow.

The grease filter and covers can be removed in a few simple steps and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Unlike conventional extractor hoods with a high level of noise pollution at head height, BORA cooktop extractors are quieter than normal cooking sounds. The volume of noise created largely depends on the individual installation situation and room conditions.

All cooking vapours, condensing grease and associated odours are suctioned away precisely where they arise – at the cooktop. Chefs can breathe in fresh air and their clothes and hair remain equally fresh and unaffected by the cooking vapours.

You can confidently use the cooktop extractor with pans with a depth of up to 20 cm. For pans depths of 21 cm or more, we recommend placing the pan lid at an angle in order to direct the vapours towards the extractor.

You can purchase BORA products from our professional retail partners in kitchen studios, joinery firms and furniture stores. If you would like to find your nearest BORA partner, simply complete the contact form and we will locate it for you. Our partners can offer you on-site advice on all matters relating to planning your kitchen with BORA cooktop extractors.

Questions about humidity

Relative humidity indicates the saturation level of the air at the current temperature. Warm air can absorb more water than cold air. This means that cold air becomes saturated more quickly. Thermal comfort is achieved if the relative humidity is between 25 and 60% at a room temperature of 20 to 25°C.

With normal cooking, i.e. cooking vegetables, fish or meat for approx. 30 minutes, the increase in relative humidity of the exhaust air is barely measurable. When boiling water intensively for 30 minutes, the relative humidity at the activated charcoal outlet rises by approx. 10%. By the end of the after-run time, it is no longer possible to measure an increased humidity level.

Subject to compliance with current construction standards and the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV and DIN 4108) for old and new buildings and with a normal indoor environment, it is not possible for mould to form when using BORA recirculation or exhaust systems. Wooden, kitchen and other components are not affected.

Important: please note the general information in the BORA installation documents on recirculation and exhaust mode!

Questions about exhaust air solutions

With BORA Professional, the exhaust ducting can stretch 12 metres. For exhaust channels over 6 metres long, a second fan must be used and the duct cross-section should ideally be enlarged.
With BORA Classic and BORA Basic with surface induction BFIA, exhaust ducting stretching 12 metres is permissible if using the additional duct fan ULIE20.

For BORA Basic BIA and BHA, the exhaust channel should not exceed the maximum length of 6 metres.

The BORA Professional cooktop extractor PL540E can be flexibly combined with any two fans.
The BORA Classic cooktop extractor CKASE and BORA Basic with surface induction BFIA can be expanded to include the additional duct fan.

Yes, each of the cooktop extractors needs separate exhaust ducting with separate wall sleeves or, optionally, their own recirculation unit.

Yes, domestic ventilation systems can be controlled from the BORA Professional PL540E, BORA Classic CKASE and BORA Basic BFIA via the Home-Out connection.

Questions about recirculation solutions

Yes, all BORA cooktop extractor systems can be operated as both recirculation and extraction versions.

The recirculation unit ULB1 (UUE1) must be replaced annually; the recirculation unit ULB3 (UUE3) every two years. The integrated filter in the BORA Basic cooktop extractor system should also be replaced annually or after 150 operating hours. The integrated filter indicator notifies you when this period has passed.

The purified air is fed into the plinth area from where it is released back into the room through a return flow aperture measuring at least 500 cm².

With a normal indoor environment and professional construction, there is no risk of condensate or mould. Please note the information in the operating instructions in this regard.

To enable the optimum performance of the odour-neutralising activated charcoal filter, we always recommend using the automatic after-run. This lasts for 20 minutes and automatically switches on when the fan is switched off. The automatic after-run can be manually switched off prematurely at any time. When cooking in recirculation mode, sufficient ventilation (e.g. window ventilation) should be ensured.

Questions about cooktops

Yes, a large range of combinable cooktops is available from the BORA Professional and BORA Classic product series. With BORA Professional and BORA Classic, you can choose between induction, HiLight, hyper and gas cooktops as well as the Tepan stainless steel grill. BORA Basic cooktops are available as hyper, induction and surface induction models.

BORA cooktop extractors are only available in combination with BORA cooktops.

The dimensions of the cooktops are precisely tailored to the cooktop extractors to enable optimum installation.

Yes, BORA cooktops can also be purchased without a cooktop extractor.

All BORA product lines are suitable for both flush installation and surface mounting.

No, the product lines cannot be combined.

The BORA Basic cooktop extractor frame is an accessory for surface mounting. It is available in two versions: in a width of 760 mm for the BORA Basic induction glass ceramic cooktop (exhaust air and recirculation, BIU/BIA) and the BORA Basic Hyper glass ceramic cooktop (exhaust air and recirculation, BHU/BHA) as well as in a width of 830 mm for the BORA Basic surface induction glass ceramic cooktop (exhaust air and recirculation, BFIU/BFIA). The frame is made from brushed stainless steel and is easy to dry-mount. The cooktop extractor frame comes with attached adhesive tape, sealing tape, a glass cleaning cloth, a height adjustment plate set and installation instruction.

Questions about planning and installation

Yes, but depending on the installation situation it may be necessary to reduce the depth of the drawers.

No, we strongly advise against installing a conventional oven below BORA cooktop extractors.

This depends on the position and number of cooktops and cooktop extractors. With a standard arrangement involving two cooktops and one cooktop extractor, you need a floor unit with a width of at least 900 mm for the BORA Professional and BORA Classic ranges. With three cooktops and two cooktop extractors, a width of 1,400 mm is required. This can be created by installing a single front cover across multiple floor units arranged in any format.

With BORA Basic BIA/BIU and BHA/BHU, the floor unit must have a width of 800 mm. With BORA Basic BFIA/BFIU, the floor unit must have a width of 900 mm.

To install BORA Basic and BORA Classic models, a depth of 600 mm is required from the front edge of the cover (plus worktop overhang if applicable).

The installation depth of BORA Professional models varies depending on the installation situation. A minimum depth of 650 mm is required for these (plus worktop overhang if applicable).

For all three BORA cooktop extractor systems, the worktop thickness must be between 10 and 40 mm including the carrier material. For thicker worktops, the carrier material thickness must be reduced accordingly.

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