The BORA for your kitchen – Compact and effective cooking vapour extraction

Today cooking vapours are suctioned downwards. The BORA principle comes in a package of a high-performance induction cooktop and an effective cooktop extractor. With its compact dimensions, BORA GP4 leaves plenty of storage space and so enables dream kitchens to be brought to life even in the smallest of rooms. The central operating panel controls the four large cooking zones and the extractor. At first glance, the unique design print on the high-quality Schott glass ceramic says it all: the revolution made in Germany – for your kitchen.


Minimum volume

Thanks to the optimum airflow through the appliance and the use of a twin fan system, BORA GP4 is extremely quiet even on high power levels. So it won’t distract you from your cooking and your conversations won’t be disturbed.

Maximum storage space

At under 200 mm, the low installation height and integrated recirculation unit guarantee maximum storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below. Even in 60-cm-deep kitchen units, no drawers need to be shortened in recirculation mode. A change from the norm.

Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

Controls that don’t get in the way and perfectly-sized and arranged cooking zones mean that there is room for 2 large pots (up to 24 cm) to be placed one behind the other.

Simple cleaning

All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the accessible, wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.

Genuine stainless steel grease filter

Compared to other frequently-used filter materials, such as aluminium, the stainless steel grease filter will not perish with ongoing cleaning in the dishwasher, retaining its original appearance (no yellowing) and stability.

Compact size

Thanks to the compact dimensions and a cooktop depth of 515 mm, the system is suitable for standard kitchen units.

Childproofing feature

The child safety lock prevents the cooktop from being switched on unintentionally or without permission.

Easy installation

Easy, quick and fail-safe assembly with no need for special tools.

BORA GP4 – the BORA for your kitchen

Today, cooking vapours are suctioned downwards. The BORA principle comes in a package of a high-performance induction cooktop and an effective cooktop extractor: BORA GP4 is the recirculation solution for every kitchen. With its compact dimensions, it leaves plenty of storage space and so enables dream kitchens to be brought to life even in the smallest of rooms. The central operating panel controls the four large cooking zones and the extractor. The high-quality Schott glass ceramic has been given a unique design print. Another pro: simple cleaning. The air inlet nozzle and pure stainless steel grease filter can be removed in just one easy step and then cleaned in the dishwasher.

Because the average kitchen size is constantly getting smaller, planning is often a challenge. In combination with a suitable nobilia unit, BORA GP4 makes planning and installation considerably easier. Engineers from the two companies worked together on its development. The ‘marriage’ of an appliance unit and compact appliance is the perfect solution for the kitchen retailer. BORA GP4 slots into the cut-out in the worktop and the flexible duct is simply connected to the ready-made cut-out in the back wall of the nobilia unit.



* Premiere at the nobilia in-house exhibition

BORA will be represented over an area of 180 m² in the heart of the nobilia exhibition from 19 September to 27 September 2020, where the new BORA GP4, among other new products, will be presented for the first time. The display will still be available to view after the in-house exhibition.

Today cooking vapours are suctioned downwards

Cooperation between BORA & nobilia

For both brands, individual needs are a focal point. In a word: tailored kitchens for all! Europe’s biggest kitchen manufacturer and market leader nobilia builds intelligently designed kitchens to suit all tastes. BORA cooktop extractor systems enable extraordinary design freedom. The BORA principle – suctioning cooking vapours downwards quietly and effectively – has changed, or rather, revolutionised the kitchen appliance market. With precision and ‘Made in Germany and Austria’ quality, a nobilia kitchen with a BORA system promises many years of happiness in the kitchen as a living area.


GP4 induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor - Recirculation
Accessories and Spare Parts

Maximum storage space even in small kitchens

BORA is a product from the retailers for the retailers. The own experiences from kitchen sales and the intensive exchange with the dealers flow into the thinking and acting of BORA. They form the basis of the successful cooperation with the trading partners. For concrete sales support, there are a number of good arguments for the kitchen planner and dealer with which he can approach the customer and which make his work noticeably easier. Seven of these advantages are the essential basis of BORA's successful concept.

Become a BORA retailer

Seven BORA advantages for retail partners

Advantage system:

The four  different product lines appeal to a broad target audience. All elements build on  each other and can be individually combined. BORA’s A-to-Z system provides a complete system solution for designers, salespeople and customers alike.

Advantage function:

A full function warranty applies when using the BORA system products, because all components are thoroughly tested and carefully checked. They have now also proven themselves a thousand-fold in practice.

Advantage lead:

Numerous patents guarantee a perfect extractor solution, and a high degree of innovation by concentrating on cooktop extraction. With its ‘every year one new system’ strategy, and by doubling the size of its research and development team, BORA provides reliability over the long term.

Advantage partner service:

Design service, the ventilation handbook in hardcopy and as an electronic version, training in sales and assembly on site and in Raubling, and a technical service department with a success rate of over 95 percent on the first attempt are all factors which actively assist retail partners.

Advantage business model:

Earn money with BORA – a fee system for everyone, steady prices and a clearly structured, international distribution concept. Sales exclusively through authorised, specialised retailers!

Advantage active pre-marketing:

BORA guarantees demand through active pre-marketing. A strong presence in the public media through advertising and sponsoring, extensive information material for end customers and spectacular promotions all benefit retail partners directly.

Advantage credibility:

BORA was created by professionals, for professionals. The brand is owner-run, and it is the only company in the world to specialise exclusively in developing and selling cooktop extractor systems. BORA is synonymous with ‘the end of the extractor hood’!