BORA - More than cooking.

We are revolutionising the kitchen as a living space. With extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences.

The end of the extractor hood marks the beginning of more freedom, beauty, functionality and efficiency in today’s kitchens. With its award-winning cooktops and cooktop extractors, BORA is revolutionising the design and function of kitchens. Not only can you enjoy fresh air while cooking, but thanks to its innovative technology, BORA is also considerably quieter than conventional extractor hoods, easier to clean, more effective and sets the standards for a new kitchen architecture which focuses on users’ needs.

BORA Professional 3.0: Revolution evolved.

The ultimate solution for your kitchen: excellent performance, optimum premium design, even more intuitive operation and 8 extra deep cooktops that can be mixed & matched.


The new BORA Professional 3.0 is the future of cooking. Groundbreaking design language combines with the highest standards in materials, technology and efficiency - made in Germany.


Enjoy additional warranty protection. BORA generally provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on its products. During this period, you can extend the warranty on your BORA system by an extra year, free of charge. To do so, simply visit and enter the registration code displayed on the sticker on your cooktop or cooktop extractor. 

BORA Classic 2.0: unlimited freedom. Maximum flexibility for the individual kitchen.

Maximum flexibility and individuality for tailored home cooking experiences – those were the requirements when we developed BORA Classic 2.0. The new, innovative sControl+ control panel with its smooth hollow enables precise, intuitive operation. All functions are now at your fingertips. In standby mode, the control panel is practically invisible and, thanks to its central position, there is maximum space on the cooktop at all times. And there’s more: as usual, you can mix and match cooktops and extractor systems to suit your needs.


BORA X Pure - Pure perfection.

Maximum style for your kitchen.


The new BORA X Pure boasts an extra-wide cooktop with a distinctive air inlet nozzle. 
Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans. 
This highly elegant, minimalist compact system with its innovative sControl touch controls is flush-mounted, extremely quiet and extremely intuitive.

BORA Pure – a trademark of your kitchen.

BORA Pure stands for puristic, streamlined, minimalist design. A true design highlight, it will blend in perfectly with your kitchen. It can be easily customised, enabling you to add your own personal touch. The air inlet nozzles on the cooktop extractor are available in a number of different colours. Choose from five additional shades – rose gold, orange, red, jade green or blue – whichever will look best in your home.

BORA Pure’s functions will also win you over. The cooktop extractor’s power level, for example, automatically adjusts to the cooking behaviour at any given time. Manual adjustment is of course still possible, but is no longer necessary. Thanks to the optimum airflow and extremely quiet fan, the cooktop extractor is virtually silent.

With BORA System - 100 % functional guarantee

The best proof of BORA’s outstanding sense of innovation and individualism is the specially developed BORA Ecotube duct system and the BORA 3box wall sleeves. Together, these provide a system that perfectly meets the high standards required with regard to effectiveness, ease of installation and flexibility. BORA offers a 100 percent functional guarantee if the BORA system is exclusively equipped with BORA components – for optimum performance that is both effective and quiet.


The BORA principle is catching on. More and more manufacturers are realising that our vision of the end of the extractor hood offers new kitchen design options and outstanding customer benefits. We remain focused. Cooking vapours and odours are no match for BORA – we draw them off precisely where they arise, i.e. directly at the cooktop. We extract vapours straight from pots, roasters, pans or grills by means of physics, not by magic! We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the speed at which the cooking vapours rise.