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Are you interested in BORA as a company and our products? Our press area provides you with all press releases, images and films from the world of BORA, arranged in chronological order.

35_Weitere Auszeichnung für BORA Basic_ German Design Award Winner 2016 _2015 - 10 Oktober (2).jpg

Another award for BORA Basic: German Design Award Winner 2016

26_Plus X Award 2015 2016 für BORA Basic mit Flächeninduktion _2015 - 06 Juni (2).jpg

Plus X Award 2015/2016 for BORA Basic with surface induction

29_Premiere auf der LivingKitchen 2015_ BORA erweitert die Produktfamilie Basic _2015 - 01 Janu.jpg

Premièring at LivingKitchen 2015: BORA expands the Basic product range

25_Neue Auszeichnung für BORA Basic_ Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2015 _2014 - 11 Nove.jpg

New award for BORA Basic: Interior Innovation Award - winner 2015


BORA presents its product novelties at EuroCucina 2014

28_Plus X Award für BORA Basic als „Bestes Produkt des Jahres 2013“ _2013 -05 Mai.jpg

Plus X Award for BORA Basic as Best Product of the Year 2013

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