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Stuffed portobello mushrooms with pomegranate seeds

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with pomegranate seeds


Carefully twist out the stem from the mushrooms and lay the heads of the mushrooms flat side down on a lightly greased Tepan cooking zone, set to 220 degrees. Season with salt. On the other cooking zone, briefly toast the walnuts (without any oil) at 200 degrees. Meanwhile, remove the pomegranate seeds from the fruit (save a few for garnishing) and cut the cheese into cubes. Put them together in a bowl. Add the toasted walnuts and season to taste with salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped fresh parsley and lemon juice. Remove the cooked portobello mushrooms from the Tepan stainless steel grill and arrange them on plates. Fill with the cheese, nut and pomegranate mixture and serve with the remaining pomegranate seeds.


For two people

● 2 portobello mushrooms or 4 prince mushrooms
● 150 g goat’s cheese (or feta)
● 1 handful walnuts
● 1 handful pomegranate seeds
● Dash of lemon juice, fresh parsley
● Olive oil, salt and pepper

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